Was David Cameron a threat to national security?

Two weeks ago David Cameron’s claims that Jeremy Corbyn “is a threat to national security” were pasted all over newspapers whilst news channels were quoting the Prime Ministers statement over and over again. However, before today could David Cameron have been a threat to national security?

Lord Ashcroft

Lord Ashcroft

News broke today of David Cameron’s intimate relations with a farmyard animal. The scandal was revealed following the release of Lord Ashcrofts new book which included allegations depicting the PMs student days. In the former Conservative party treasurers new book, David Cameron reportedly “put a private part of his anatomy” into a dead pigs mouth. The book, which has been serialised in the Daily Mail also claims that the young David Cameron was involved in drug taking groups which included marijuana and cocaine.

The book certainly poses more questions then answers. Who else, prior to the release of Lord Ashcrofts new book, knew of the Prime Minsters sordid affairs and could information like this have ever been used to blackmail the British Prime Minister. Having information like this over the Prime Minster could have been used to pressure him in a certain direction. There has allegedly been a photo circulating of David Cameron with his genitals in a dead pigs mouth and it is extremely plausible that this could have opened up blackmail possibilities which would pose a genuine risk to British national security, unlike the so called risk which Jeremy Corbyn was said to have posed which was based on nothing.

Someone created a mock Twitter account of 'Cameron's pig'

Someone created a mock Twitter account of ‘Cameron’s pig’

Lord Ashcroft, who has donated millions of pounds to help the Conservative party win two general elections has indicated that his book is not a revenge book against David Cameron. However, it has been said that Lord Ashcroft has been at war with the Prime Minister since 2010 because he broke a promise offering the Lord a senior position in the coalition government.

Overall the whole #Hameron #baeofpigs #piggate media storm has been the result of a billionaire political party donor throwing his toys out of the pram because he didn’t get the political position he thought he had paid for. Welcome to British politics.




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