Where in the World is it Legal to Smoke Marijuana?

Many governments across the world are slowly becoming more lenient on cannabis (marijuana) drug laws, but where in the world is marijuana usage legal?

Colombia: Although the sale of marijuana remains illegal, small amounts of the drug are allowed for personal consumption. Furthermore, you are allowed up to 20 plants for personal consumption.

Czech Republic: Medical use of the drug on prescription has been legal since April 2013.

Ecuador: Having a small amount of the drug for personal use is legal.

images (1)Jamaica: Although growing, selling and using cannabis is illegal, the government passed a motion in 2013 to decriminalize the drug if a person was found with a small amount.

Netherlands: Cannabis products are sold in ‘coffee shops’ and possession of a small amount for personal use is legal.

Peru: Having a small amount of the drug for personal use is legal.

Portugal: Portugal became the first country in the world to legalize the use of all drugs and started treating drug users as sick people rather than criminals. However, you can arrested or made to go into rehab if you caught in possession of drugs several times.

Romania: Medical use is legal under certain circumstances.

Spain: Growing the plant on private property for personal use is legal, as is consumption in private space by adults.

Switzerland: Growing up to four plants is legal. Medical-marijuana-sign

Uruguay: A 2015 law has been passed which has legalized cannabis. However, the law states that buyers must be 18 or older, residents of Uruguay, and must register with the authorities. The authorities will grow the cannabis that can be sold legally.

USA: The usage of cannabis has been legalized in four US states (Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington State). Whilst several other states allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes.


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