The VIP Paedophile Ring: A Matter of Accountability?


Jimmy Savile

Since the death of Sir Jimmy Savile in 2011, various media outlets have reported on numerous allegations of child abuse committed by powerful members of British society. Past failures have been steadily leaked onto the foreground, it is no surprise that negligent behaviour from the police has been heavily scrutinised. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) have launched inquiries into organised child sex abuse. This is becoming an occurring feature in British society; the allegations revelations, and subsequent inquiries have inevitably resulted in next to zero prosecutions, thus far with the exception of Rolf Harris. Some of these accusations date back to the 1960s. One thing is clear, in our contemporary age we are only a disapproving sigh away from the next high profile child abuse claim. Police are seen to be diligently on the case, carrying out examinations of claims. It has become apparent that the burden has fallen to investigative journalists to uncover past offences. Dark secrets, suppressed allegations and curious claims,  it feels all too cloak-and-dagger. The fact remains that many political figures have been implicated or accused of child abuse.

It seems unimaginable for such behaviors to be so prevalent and encroaching into today’s society. History reveals that pederasty, in the ancient Greek period was widely acknowledged and accepted. This sexual perversion is now a sinister pervasive element of the Westminster structure. Although there is an eery suggestion of ‘consent’ when considering the ancient Greek cultural practices of pederasty, the fact remains that all forms of child abuse are one in the same be it a different era or culture. It would appear the practices have crawled all the way onto the doorstep of Westminster. We have heard of the pedophile rings which were operating from children’s homes, which according to headlines were the perfect ‘playground for perverts’. Not to mention the murky connotations which arise at the mention of Dolphin Square.


Edward Heath

The conservative party has suffered terribly in the wake of these scandals because most allegations have fallen with former Tory party members. According to latest reports, the former Conservative Prime Minister Ted Heath allegedly raped a 12 year old boy. His former aide stated that he thought Heath was: “Asexual and wish to express wholeheartedly that Sir Edward Heath will be cleared of any wrongdoing”, also revealed  his desire for the investigation to come to a swift conclusion and insisted on the former Prime Minister’s innocence. This is common now, the accused are given the benefit of the doubt and the accusers are doubted.

Allegations which date back to the 1960s and beyond have implicated various public figures from celebrities and radio DJs to cabinet politicians and former Prime Ministers. However, the question must be asked; why now?

A number of sexual abuse claims were made against Sir Jimmy Savile throughout his lifetime. A report by the Stoke Mandeville hospital reported that “several sexual abuse claims” were made against Savile from 1972-85 to different staff members and that it “should have led Savile’s suspension from the hospital and a formal police report being made.” However, no police action was ever taken against Savile and it was only until a year after his death when reports surrounding his behaviour started coming to the forefront of the news.

The Liberal Democrat MP Cyril Smith allegedly sexually assaulted young boys from the 1960s on-wards, although investigations were made by police in 1970, 1998 and 1999, Smith was never charged and Smith’s behaviour only became common knowledge after his death.

Leon Britain; a cabinet minister who was accused of “multiple child rape,” Sir Peter Hayman; a British diplomat who was named as a likely paedophile by a fellow MP in the house of commons and Sir Peter Morrison, Margaret Thatchers Parliamentary Private Secretary, like Savile and Smith, were all outed as paedophiles after their deaths despite having had formal complaints regarding the sexual abuse of children made against them to the police during their lifetimes.

It is commonly thought that men like Savile were above the law and men such as Leon Britain were the law. Throughout their lifetimes these men were untouchable. Savile was protected by ‘the establishment’ due to his powerful connections with the likes of Margaret Thatcher and Prince Charles on the back of his pretense as a charitable and well to do man. In 2009 Savile was described by The Guardian as a “prodigious philanthropist”. Whilst politicians were protected from the law by their political parties.

Clearly the scandal has been deep rooted within Westminster for decades but the question of ‘why now’ is a difficult one to answer. The aforementioned men who are known to have been involved in the scandal are dead and others, such as Rolf Harris who was convicted of historic child sexual abuse offences and sentenced to five years in jail, is not seen to be connected to political at all power. So the question must be asked, what others, who are still alive, are being protected? As mentioned earlier, pederasty has been an unremitting part of human civilisation since the very beginning of democracy so it would be naive to believe that it does not still continue behind closed doors. Furthermore, it would be naive to think that pederasty does not betray the morals of the rich and powerful, especially in consideration to the evidence shown in this article.

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David Cameron

David Cameron has recently come under fire for calling victims of child abuse “conspiracy theorists” when referring to the findings of a review into the allegations of a VIP paedophile ring. The Prime Minister has also claimed that naming paedophiles in the cabinet amounts to a “homophobic witch hunt”. Clearly, Cameron seems to be doing everything possible to divert the attention away from parliament when the topic of VIP paedophiles occurs.

From a VIP paedophile ring to expenses scandals, Westminster is becoming a horror house for the morally dead and nobody should no longer be surprised when the next scandal surrounding politicians comes to the surface.

Quite frankly, the public is disgusted and understandably so. The extent of the cover-ups are simply unacceptable, the public outrage stems from the evidently relaxed efforts to convict these menacing paedophiles. In some instances, cases were dropped. These sufficiently increasing historical child sex abuse allegations are gaining momentum in the media and Westminster can no longer brush them under the carpet. There is an on-going appeal to the public to come forward or get in touch should anyone possess information regarding new or existing alleged cases. From Yewtree to Midland and now operation Whistle, these investigations and their outcomes have brought little satisfaction to the survivors and victims. The legal action surrounding these cases have proved lethargic in nature. It is absolutely crucial that this poor practice changes. No wonder many blame police failings for the unsatisfactory pace of justice for those who find the courage to speak out.


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